Bobcat Reverse Cameras

March 12, 2015

Low operator vantage points, protective grills over windows and tiny (or non existent) rear view mirrors contribute to poor visibility in all skid steer loaders.


This is the view from your typical skid steer loader

As you can see (above), while in the cab of your average skid steer you have little to no visibility behind you. This dramatically increases your risk of machine damage or even worse, accidental injury to your co workers.

Murray River Diesel Services are helping to lower that risk by fitting wireless reverse camera to Bobcat, Loader, Trucks and Excavators.

In recent times reverse cameras have been included in the prerequisites to access most mine and construction sites and in the near future you may be required to have one fitted by law.

If your serious about safety and want to stay ahead of your competitors contact, Murray River Diesel Services and ask about our range of reverse cameras.

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