Engine & Hydraulic Tune Ups

September 23, 2014

Like visiting your GP for a yearly check up your equipment requires regular tune ups to maintain its peak performance. Engine and hydraulic tune ups not only ensure your equipment is operating efficiently but it also highlights any underlying issues that may later develop into catastrophic failure resulting in costly downtime.

Engine Tune Ups

Our experienced diesel mechanics are equipped with the latest specialized tooling to carry out engine valve and injector sets on all major OEM diesel engines. We offer a customized service that can be as simple as an engine valve set or as comprehensive as a full engine health report and injector flush.


Cat engine  Hydraulic gauge


Hydraulic Tune Ups

If your hydraulic pressures are not set correctly or internal components have worn over time, your equipment movements may be slow or weak. Under powered hydraulics means smaller payloads and longer loading periods. The production loss over one truck load is minor but accumulatively over the course of a year and across an entire fleet this can mean thousands in lost productivity.

MRDS will carry out a comprehensive hydraulic test and adjustment to optimize the efficiency of your fleet. Upon completion of the tune up we will present the finding to you in a report so you can establish a base line of your equipment’s performance, which can later be used as a comparison for future tune ups or hydraulic system fault diagnosis.


If reliability and efficiency is everything when it comes to your fleet call or email MRDS to discuss your options and obtain a quote.

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