August 08, 2014
The latest addition to our field service fleet is a custom built fully equipped mobile servicing unit.
It comes equipped with 4 custom built oil pods that are powder coated inside and out to ensure the oil inside them cannot become contaminated by rust or metal filings. As an added precaution all the oils leaving the pods are run through an additional filter so we can guarantee that the oils entering your machine are of the highest quality.
There is also a waste oil pod capable of storing 1300 litres, so we can take your waste off site to be recycled or disposed of correctly.
Other features include a self contained pressure cleaning unit with 500 litre water tank in a skid frame capable of being easily manoeuvred with a forklift to hard to access locations.
As always safety is MRDS’s highest priority, that is why our trailer has been fitted with both electronic and breakaway brakes. Other safety features include spill kits, fire extinguishers and MSDS sheets for all chemicals and oils in the service unit.

This new service unit has added yet another dimension to MRDS’s field service department as we strive to become the most comprehensive and diverse provider of heavy duty mechanical maintenance in the Perth and Mandurah region. It also provides value to our loyal customers by eliminating the cost of transporting machines to our workshop for service and reducing down.

To inquire about this convenient and economical service we now provide simply click the link and fill out an enquiry form or call us on (08) 9531 4422