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At MRDS we consider our staff our biggest asset. We do not simply employ anyone with a trade certificate as our rigorous selection process ensures we provide you with reliable, innovative and experienced technicians with a “can do” attitude and an enthusiastic work ethic.


Our field service products include:

  • Short Term labour hire: Our dedicated, friendly mechanics and auto electricians can slot seamlessly into your workplace to cover for employees on leave or help in times of heavy work load.
  • Long term labour hire: Do you have contracts of 3-6 months or seasonal work that is going to put a strain on your workforce? Contact us for a solution before taking on a new employee. At a glance our rates may seem higher but once you factor in super contributions, annual leave, sick leave, vehicle expenses, insurance premiums and the peace of mind that when the contract is over or the workload lightens you do not have to relocate (or worse dismiss) your new employees. You will realise that MRDS is the smart solution.
  • Auto electrical: Our full time auto electricians are available for fault finding, breakdowns, both long and short term labour hire and come fully equipped with the latest diagnostic electrical and air conditioning equipment for all major OEM’s.
  • Emergency Breakdowns: Stuck on the side of the road or broken down on site? Call MRDS and we will get a qualified and capable mechanic or auto electrician to you ASAP.
  • Performance reports, complete with engine and hydraulic tune ups: Have a piece of equipment that is under performing or just doesn’t quite seem right? Our technicians will carry out a custom engine and hydraulic tune up, then present their findings and adjustments to get your equipment operating efficiently.
  • Diagnostic service: If you have a complex mechanical, electrical or hydraulic fault that you are having difficulty resolving, our technicians are up for the challenge. Alternatively you may just want a fault code extracted from a control unit so you can pursue it yourself. Our diagnostic department has the software to cater to your needs.